Brand History - Errea


In 1988, Angelo Gandolfi - a former soccer player - had a bold dream. Combining his love for sports to his passion for excellence, he wanted to create a company with one goal: to design and produce high quality, high value sports gear for pros and amateurs alike, focusing on product excellence and service.

Erreà® was born in Parma, Italy and before long the symbol could be seen on a number of sports clubs, from junior leagues to some of the most famous and respected clubs in Italy and around the world, from basketball to soccer, to volleyball, rugby and other sports, who chose Erreà® as their technical partner.

Through the years, we never forgot our roots and that’s why we keep investing in researching, testing, designing and redesigning to bring you the highest performing fabrics and technologies and the widest selection of products for any sport or training needs. 3DWear®, our first high-tech signature base layer collection launched in 2005, was a natural evolution of this philosophy. A few years later we introduced Active Tense®, a breakthrough evolution in technical sportswear, transcending the postural clothing market to help pro and amateur athletes achieve their maximum potential. Our innovative products have become a large and versatile collection that continues to be a favorite across all sports and athletic levels worldwide.

Today, Erreà® remains a family-run company proudly focused on the latest in sport apparel technology and Italian design. Striving to provide comprehensive solutions for every stage of performance, training and recovery, we keep Angelo’s dream alive as we continue to expand our sportswear vision each year with products to help you become a tremendous success.

Just like you never stop improving, we never stop focusing on quality, service and you.